How To Help Beginner Anglers

It is very rewarding to see the excitement on a new anglers face, young or old, when they catch their first fish. The history of this excitement can be traced all the way to the caveman days when the children were taught by their elders how to gather food and catch fish. When the child caught their first fish, I am sure that they were welcomed back at their dwelling with smiles and admiration. 

The reason why the size of the fish is always the first question onlookers have after a catch, is simply because in the very old days the larger the fish, the more bellies it would fill. The person that caught the largest fish was held in high esteem and this acclaim is why big fish are pursued to this day. The larger fish are more difficult to catch, are craftier and are few and far between. To catch big fish is a sign of great angler knowledge and knowhow which is the root of the admiration of the accomplishment.

To a beginner angler every catch is huge.  The biggest dilemma for novice fisher people to overcome is to catch many fish quickly, rather than the size of the fish.  Once their fishing technique develops and matures however, the focus usually switches to size AND quantity.  So what is the best way to help new anglers be successful, correct and satisfied with their new found hobby?  The answer sounds simple enough, but like any other sport or activity, it will take practice, patience and determination. There definite things that you the teacher can do to help mold a well rounded angler that will enjoy fishing for the rest of their life.
You should be very selective when picking out the beginners first fishing rod and reel combo set। Consumers are tempted and pushed into purchasing various character fishing rods such as Scooby Doo, Disney and so on. A large percent of the money used to make these fishing kits, went into the characters themselves, and not the hardware required to make a good quality product that works. I can't tell you how many times I have seen kids and parents alike give up on fishing because of equipment meltdown. One of the best inexpensive beginner combo kits on the market is the Wally Marshall Jr. Series. It usually costs $5 - $7 more than the typical character sets, but it is well worth it. You can find the Wally Marshall Jr. Series at Bass Pro Shops. You can click on the image and we will take you right there.

After the right rod and reel is selected, the next step is to figure out which lure or artificial bait is best for your situation। There are many fun lures out there that will give the angler great chances to catch all types of fish. One lure that DuPage Angler Field Manager Marty Rogers used with his own children was the K&E Panfish Stopper . This lure is perfect for the times when your beginner angler will be fishing in clear to semi-clear water and panfish can readily be seen near the shoreline. This plastic worm rig can be casted easily when using a mini-cast such as the Wally Marshall Jr. and should be reeled in very slowly. The beginner will begin to learn about different presentations and will soon learn (with a little help) to watch to see if the line moves which will indicate that they have a strike. The hooks on the K&E product line are so sharp that many of the panfish will hook themselves with a little upward pressure from the angler. **NOTE** It is a good idea to tie on a small swivel since the lure will twist through the water as it is reeled in.
When you are on shore with your novice angler, watch the shallows for sunfish that are hanging around in groups. When you spot them, simply have your pupil cast beyond the point where you can see the sunfish. After the lure hits the water let the lure sink below the surface and SLOWLY reel it in and watch the line. When you see the line move to one side or another, firm upward pressure will hook the sunfish, crappie or bass on the K&E Panfish Stopper. Then you can watch the excitement as the beginner angler starts to learn how to catch fish on a regular basis.

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